Package includes: XL6019 DC-DC Boost Power Regulated Power Supply Module


XL6019 module is DC-DC boost switching power supply module, use the conventional topology fully integrated constant pressure boost output, the output voltage can change within 5 to 40V.


  • Input Range: 3-35V
  • Output Range: 5-40V
  • Conversion Efficiency: More than 90%
  • Switching Frequency: 180KHz
  • Reverse connect protection: Avoid misconnection burn out
  • Board size: 49*28 mm             
  • VIN: Voltage input;
  • VOUT: Voltage output;
  • GND: Power ground;
  • Rotate the potentiometer can change voltage: clockwise step-down, counterclockwise boost.

XL6019 DC-DC Boost Power Regulated Power Supply Module

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