Package Includes : 1 pc x LM7909 - 9V Negative Voltage Regulator


Features and Specifications:

LM7909 is a negative voltage regulator.

Input Voltage  : -35V

Output Voltage : -9V

Topology  : Standard

Regulator Output Type : Fixed

Polarity Type : Negative

Number of Outputs : 1

Package Type : TO-220AB

Packaging  : Rail/Tube

Output Current : 2.2(Typ)A

Load Regulation : 180mV

Line Regulation : 180mV

Output Voltage Accuracy  : ±4%

Operating Temp Range : 0C to 125C

Operating Temperature Classification  : Commercial

Dropout Voltage@Current (Typ) : 2@1A

Pin Count : 3 +Tab

Mounting  : Through Hole

Quiescent Current (Max)  : 6mA


Bullet points:

1 pc x LM7909 - 9V Negative Voltage Regulator

Regulator Output Type : Fixed

Input Voltage  : -35V

Output Voltage : -9V

Voltage Regulator IC 7909 Negative Voltage Regulation LM7909 -9V

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