Package Includes: 1 Piece x Voltage Detection Sensor Module


This is a simple but very useful module which uses a potential divider to reduce an input voltage by a factor of 5. The Voltage Detection Sensor Module 25V allows you to use the analog input of a microcontroller to monitor voltages much higher than it capable of sensing.


For example with a 0-5V analog input range, you are able to measure a voltage up to 25V. The module also includes convenient screw terminals for easy and secure connection of a wire.


This module is based on the principle of resistive voltage divider design, can make the red terminal connector input voltage to 5 times smaller. Arduino analog input voltages up to 5 v, the voltage detection module input voltage not greater than 5Vx5=25V (if using 3.3V systems, input voltage not greater than 3.3Vx5=16.5V).


Arduino AVR chips have 10-bit AD, so this module simulates a resolution of 0.00489V (5V/1023), so the minimum voltage of input voltage detection module is 0.00489Vx5=0.02445V.



Voltage input range: DC 0-25 V

Voltage detection range: DC 0.02445 V  to 25 V

Voltage analog resolution : 0.00489 V

You can also use the IICLCD1602 LCD to display voltage.

By 3P connector, connect this module with the expansion of board Arduino



Inputs :

GND –  This is where you connect the low side of the voltage you are measuring.   Caution! : This is the same electrical point as your Arduino or other Microcontroller ground.

VCC:  The is where you connect the high side of  the voltage you are measuring



S: This connects to your Arduino  or other Microcontroller analog input.

– (or minus):  This connects to your Arduino  or other Microcontroller ground.

+:  This is not connected.  It does absolutely nothing….


Voltage Detection Sensor Module VOLTSENS 0-25V

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