Package Includes :

1 x USB to Micro USB Cable


Features :

Pure Copper Micro USB Cable

Inbuilt Noise Cancell Block

Used for Mobile phones data cable, Node MCU cable, Arduino Nano Cable

Length: 50 cm.

USB Type: USB to Micr USB

Color: Silver White


Mini USB vs Micro USB

What’s the difference between a mini USB and micro USB? Both connectors do have their differences but also have similarities.


A mini USB was a tad smaller than your standard USB connector, while a micro USB is smaller than the mini USB. They may have the same purpose, but efficiency goes slightly in favor of the micro USB, simply because the five pins that contain the ID pin on both plugs doesn’t work on the mini USB but does in micro USB. That being said, the mini USB can mostly perform the roles of transferring or storing Data, while the micro USB can also be used as a charger connector. One more thing would be their cycle life wherein the mini USB has only 5,000 and the micro USB has 10,000.

USB to Micro USB Cable - Pure Copper Micro USB Cable

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