Package Includes: 1 piece GSM SIM900A modem/module


Sim900A Gsm Modem Module Product overview-

1) Can be connected directly to microcontrollers through inbuilt TX-RX pins. Also, the Modem is coming with RS232 interface, which allows you connect PC

2) Works on frequencies 900/ 1800 MHz.

3) GSM/GPRS Modem-RS232 is built with Dual-Band GSM/GPRS engine- SIM900A.

4) The GSM/GPRS Modem is having internal TCP/IP stack to enable you to connect with internet via GPRS.

5) It is suitable for SMS, Voice as well as DATA transfer application in M2M interface.

6) The onboard Regulated Power supply allows you to connect wide range unregulated power supply.

7) The onboard network led helps to know network availability

8) Input Voltage: 9volts to 12 volts.Can be used 9volt or 12volts 1amp adapter to supply voltage

8) Supports AT commands

9) Supports 2G and 3G

10) Supports all simcards those are supported in both 3g

Using this modem, you can make audio calls, SMS, Read SMS, attend the incoming calls and internet ect through simple AT commands.


Bullet points:

Compatible with Arduino, raspberry pi, arm, avr, pic, 8051, etc

Best suited for gsm based microcontroller projects (better than sim300 and other gsm modems)

Option for connecting mic and speaker directly to gsm modem for calls (line is also available)

Supports communication through RS232 with db9 connector, TTL pin and i2c pins call SMS GPRS facility

Sim900A Gsm Modem Module with Sma Antenna

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