Package Includes : 1 piece x TYN616 SCR 600 Volt 


The standard TN16 / TYNx16 16 A SCRs series is suitable for general purpose applications.

Using clip assembly technology, they provide a superior performance in surge current capabilities.

TYN616 Specifications:

VDRM/VRRM = 600 V to 1000 V

RMS on-state current, IT(RMS) =16 A

Average gate power dissipation:1 W

IGT = 25 mA

Maximum peak reverse gate voltage: 5 V


Bullet points:

1 piece x TYN616 SCR

VDRM/VRRM = 600 to 1000 V

RMS on-state current, IT(RMS) =16 A

IGT = 25 mA

Suitable for general purpose applications.

SCR TYN616 TYN 616 - 600V 16A Silicon Controlled Rectifier

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