Package includes: 1 Piece x 1ch-12V-Relay Module 


Relay board / module is used for controlling higher current loads from microcontroller development board, PC parallel port or Arduino Uno.The relay module act like a optocoupler switch to protect microcontroler like Arduino from high current while controlling motor, a led strip, or any other high current module.


How to use:

Relay module has digital input pins. Single channel or one cahnnel relay sensor / module has one digital input pin, Double cahnnel relay module has two digital input pins, 4 channel relay boards has 4 digital input pins.Just connect digital output pins of the microcontroller to the digital pins of relay module and thus we can control a power-demanding appliance with the digital signal provided by any microcontrollers.


Features and Specifications:

Can controll both AC and DC appliances such as solenoids, motors, led strip, lights, fans, and other home automation appliances.

Widely used in Most of the Electronics Projects.

No of Relay: 1 Channel

Relay Voltage rating (VCC): 12Volt DC

Each input opto isolated with 817C opto coupler / isolator

Can be drived directly with Arduino or any Mcu

Current Rating:7A at 240V AC and 7A at 14V DC

Normally open and open normally closed contact

Can be used with microcontrollers such as Arduino, AVR, PIC, ARM, 8051, Raspberry Piand so on.

High Quality screw terminal blocks ( COM, NC, NO) to connect quickly and easily.


Relay Module - 1 Channel 12V Relay Board 12 Volt - Opto Isolated Input

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