Package Includes: 1 piece Piezoelectric Buzzer 3-12V


These piezoelectric speakers are the same sort responsible for the buzzing noise which emanates from your alarm clock, pedometer, or Gameboy. They can be used as microphones, low-fidelity speakers, and even as beds on electron microscopes!

The piezoelectric ceramic buzzer has a simple structure in which a ceramic piezo-element is glued to a vibration plate. The piezoceramic element expands or shrinks diametrically when an alternating voltage is applied. This characteristic is used to bend the vibration plate, which generates sound.

The acoustic generating method can be subdivided roughly into the self-drive oscillation method and the external drive oscillation method. The former yields the lowest impedance on the acoustic generator and produces sound through the oscillator circuit's positive feedback. This allows the creation of sound pressure using a simple circuit. The external drive oscillation method uses a fixed frequency and produces sound through the oscillator.



Diameter is 38mm

Height is 22mm

2 Mounting holes distance:40mm

2 wires, rate voltage: 12v DC, operating voltage: 3 - 12v

Buzzer type: piezoelectric sound pressure level 95db


Bullet Points:

rate voltage: 12v DC, operating voltage: 3 - 12v

95Db sound Level

Buzzer type: piezoelectric

Used in Motor Bike And Electronics Projects

Piezoelectric Buzzer Alarm Speaker - 3-12 Volt Active Piezo electric Buzzer

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