No. of Channels: 1

 Isolation Voltage: 5kV

 Optocoupler Output Type: Phototransistor

 Input Current: 20mA

 Output Voltage: 70V

 Opto Case Style: SMD

 No. of Pins: 4

 Collector Emitter Voltage V(br)ceo: 70V

 Continuous Collector Current Ic Max: 20mA

 Current Ic Min: 10mA

 External Depth: 4.58mm

 External Length / Height: 3.5mm

 External Width: 6.5mm

 Fall Time tf: 18µs

 Forward Voltage VF Max: 1.4V

 Lead Spacing: 2.54mm

 Operating Temperature Range: -30°C to +100°C

 Output Type: Phototransistor

 Peak Forward Current: 1A

 Power Dissipation Pd: 200mW

 Power Dissipation Pd: 200mW

 Rise Time: 18µs

 Row Pitch: 10mm

PC817 - High Density Photocoupler

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