Package Includes: 1 piece x MQ 3 Alcohol Gas Sensor


MQ3 GAS Sensor is a very easy to use and very handy sensor. It is suitable for sensing Alcohol gas concentration.  MQ3 Alcohol GAS Sensor can detect Alcohol gas concentrations anywhere from  200  to 10000 ppm. The MQ3 GAS sensor has a very hight sensitivity to Alcohol gas. The sensitive material of  MQ3 sensor is  SnO2, which  has  lower  conductivity  in  clean  air. When  the target  alcohol  gas  exist,  the  sensor’s  conductivity  is  higher  along  with  the  gas  concentration rising. MQ3 GAS sensor has high sensitivity to Alcohol, and good resistance to disturb of gasoline, smoke and vapour. The sensor could be used to detect alcohol with different concentration, it is with low cost and suitable for different application. 


MQ-3 Sensor is suitable for detecting Alcohol, Benzine, CH4, Hexane, LPG, CO. Sensitive material of MQ-3 gas sensor is SnO2, which with lower conductivity in clean air. When the target alcohol gas exist, the sensor’s conductivity is more higher along with the gas concentration rising. MQ-3 gas sensor has high sensitity to Alcohol, and has good resistance to disturb of gasoline, smoke and vapor.


This sensor provides an analog resistive output based on alcohol concentration. When the alcohol gas exist, the sensor’s conductivity gets higher along with the gas concentration rising.


There is a resistance across an A and  B inside the sensor which varies on detection of alcohol. More the alcohol, the lower the resistance. The alcohol is measured by measuring this resistance. The sensor and load resistor form a voltage divider, and the lower the sensor resistance, the higher the voltage reading will be.



High Sensitivity to Alcohol & small sensitivity to Benzine.

Power Supply: 5 Volts

Low Cost.

Stable & Long Life.

Good sensitivity to alcohol gas

Fast response and High sensitivity  



Gas level over-limit alarm


Portable alcohol detector

Stand-alone/background sensing device

Environmental monitoring equipment



H -Pins:Out of the two H pins, one pin is connected to supply and the other to ground

A-Pins:The A pins and B pins are interchangeable. These pins will be tied to Supply voltage.

B-Pins:A pins and B pins are interchangeable. One pin will act as output while the other will be pulled to ground.


MQ3 Alcohol Gas Sensor Detector - Alcohol Etahnol Detector

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