Package includes: 1 Piece X microphone based sound sensor module


The sound sensor Can detect the intensity of the sound environment, it can identify the presence of sound (according to the principle of vibration) or a particular frequency of sound and does not recognize the volume of the sound. The main component of the module is a simple microphone and LM393 level converter chip. When the sound reaches the set level, it gives logic LOW output.


Features and Specifications of Sound Sensor:

Sensitivity adjustable digital potentiometer to adjust

working voltage 3.3-5V

Output form: digital switch output (0 and 1)

Small board PCB size: 3.4 cmx1.5 cm


Module wiring:

VCC voltage is 3.3 V to 5 V converter (which can be directly connected to 3.3 V or 5 V single-chip microcontroller)

GND external to GND

OUT of small plate switch output interface (0 and 1)



The sound module is the most sensitive to the environmental sound intensity, commonly used to detect the intensity of the sound of the surroundings.

When module in the intensity of the sound environment cannot reach set threshold, the OUT will output high level, when the intensity of the sound from the outside environment more than set threshold, the module OUT output low level;

Small digital output board OUT can be direct to the microcontroller, through single-chip microcomputer to detect the high and low level, thus to detect sound environment;


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Microphone Sound Module Voice Sensor High Sensitivity Module

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