Package includes:

1 piece LM 386 Based audio music amplifier module with 200 times gain (color of the board may vary depending on stock available)


If your project needs an audio amplifier, this module should be useful. It is a miniature module for amateur projects. Simply connect a 4-8 Ohm speaker and amplify your sound. It can be used with FM receiver kit or WTV020SD-16P music module. You can definitely use this module for other musical projects also.



1. On-board LM386 Chip 

2. 200 multiplier benefits circuit design 

3. On-board speaker wiring block 

4. On-board 10K variable resistor, you can adjust the volume of the enlarged 

5. On-board power indicator 

6. The chip pin leads can directly input audio signal 

7. Operating voltage: 5 - 12V 

8. Board size: 41 x16mm 


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LM386 Based Audio Amplifier Module Sensor 5V-12V Input 10K Resistance- 200X Gain

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