Package Includes: 1 Piece x LF398 Monolithic Sample-and-Hold Circuits IC


The LF398 device or their series LFx98x are monolithic sample-and-hold circuits that use BI-FET technology to obtain ultrahigh DC accuracy with fast acquisition of signal and low drop rate. Operating as a unity-gain follower, DC gain accuracy is 0.002% typical and acquisition time

is as low as 6 µs to 0.01%. A bipolar input stage is used to achieve low offset voltage and wide

bandwidth. Input offset adjust is accomplished with asingle pin and does not degrade input offset drift. The wide bandwidth allows the LFx98x to be included inside the feedback loop of 1-MHz operational amplifiers without having stability problems. Input impedance of 1010 Ω allows high-source impedances to be used without degrading accuracy.


Features & Specifications:

Operates from ±5-V to ±18-V Supplies

Less than 10-μs Acquisition Time

Logic Input Compatible With TTL, PMOS, CMOS

0.5-mV Typical Hold Step at Ch = 0.01 µF

Low Input Offset

0.002% Gain Accuracy

Low Output Noise in Hold Mode

Input Characteristics Do Not Change During Hold


High Supply Rejection Ratio in Sample or Hold

Wide Bandwidth



Ramp Generators With Variable Reset Level

Integrators With Programmable Reset Level

Synchronous Correlators

2-Channel Switches

DC and AC Zeroing

Staircase Generators


Bullet Points:

1 piece x LF398 Ic

Operates from ±5-V to ±18-V Supplies

Logic Input Compatible With TTL, PMOS, CMOS

Wide Bandwidth.

High Supply Rejection Ratio in Sample or Hold

LF351 Op Amp - Wide bandwidth single JFET operational amplifiers (LF 351)

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