Package Includes : 1 piece x H 20R1203 IGBT



Powerful monolithic body diode with low forward voltage

very tight parameter distribution

high ruggedness,temperature stable behavior

easy parallel switching capability due to positive temperature coefficient in VCEsat



H20R1203 Specifications:

Collector-emitter voltage VCE: 1200 V

DC collector current,limited by Tvjmax IC: 40A at 25°C and 20A at 100°C

Gate-emitter voltage / Transient Gate-emitter voltage, ) VGE :±20 to ±25volt

VCEsat :1.48V at 25°C

Tvjmax :175°C



Inductive cooking

Inverterized microwave ovens

Resonant converters

Softs witching applications

Electronics Projects


Bullet points:

1 piece x H 20R1203 IGBT

Collector-emitter voltage VCE: 1200 V

Tvjmax :175°C

DC collector current : 20A at 100°C

Used in Inductive cooking

IGBT H20R1203 power transistor 20A 1200V For Cooker Induction coil etc.

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