Package Includes: 1 X Hall Element 49E Linear Hall Switch Hall Effect Sensor


49E Linear Hall-effect sensor is small, versatile linear Hall-effect device that is operated by the magnetic field from a permanent magnet or an electromagnet. The linear sourcing output voltage is set by the supply voltage and varies in proportion to the strength of the magnetic field. The integrated circuitry features low noise output, which makes it unnecessary to use external filtering. It also includes thin film resistors to provide increased temperature stability and accuracy. The linear Hall sensor has an operating temperature range of -40 °C to 85 °C appropriate for commercial, consumer and industrial environments.


  • Miniature construction
  • Low-Noise Output
  • 4.5V to 6V Operation
  • Magnetically Optimized Package
  • Linear output for circuit design flexibility
  • Temperature range of -40 °C to 85 °C

Typical Applications:

  • Motor control
  • Magnetic code reading
  • Ferrous metal detector
  • Current sensing
  • Position sensing

Hall Element 49E Linear Hall Switch Hall Effect Sensor

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