Package includes:

1 piece 40-watt Glue Gun

2 pieces each of 7cm length and 11mm diameter adhesive glue sticks

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A glue gun is basically a portable device which dispenses hot melted adhesives. The adhesive which is also called Glue Stick is inserted on the top side of the glue gun. It then is melted by the heating process in the glue gun and the glue is squeezed out of the heated nozzle. This glue is very hot and sticky after it cools downs it solidifies which may take 30-50 seconds. 


A Glue Gun consists of a trigger that is pressed by the user to spray the liquid adhesives on the surface of the broken items. Our glue sprayers are extensively used in the toys, home appliance, furniture, fancy items, packaging, shipping companies, and others.

Features & Specifications:

Supply voltage: 110V-240V

power:40 watt

operating temperature: 200 Degree Celcius ( 380 degrees F )

Heating up time 2 minutes and bonds within 10 seconds

Glue Sticks length: 7cm each

Glue Sticks diameter: 11mm


How to Use:

Step 1: Insert Glue Sticks through the tunnel at the back of the Gun

Step 2: Plug cord into either a 220 or 240V electrical outlet

Step 3: Tip Gun forward on the metal stand and place a piece of cardboard under the nozzle. Wait for 5 to 8 minutes to allow the glue to soften.

Step 4: Touch nozzle to any clean, dry surface you wish to bond. Release trigger to stop the flow of glue. Apply pressure for approximately 90seconds for complete bonding.



>Quick Repairs

>Toys and Models


>Artificial Flowery

>Any School or Engineering Projects



>Wood craft and much more

Glue Gun with Glue Sticks 40W - with 2 pieces Adhesive Glue Stick

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