Package includes: 50 gm Ferrous Chloride ( ferric chloride ) anhydrous powder


Features, Specifications, and Applications:

Net weight: 50 gm when packed

container: Comes in Plastic container

Type: Powder ( Anhydrous )

Widely used for PCB etching


Ferric Chloride is used for PCB etching and is perfect for etching PCB's at your home. It can even be stored and used later on. Mix Ferric Chloride with water and use the solution for etching your PCB. If you use warm water you will get faster results.


NOTE: It is a highly corrosive Chemical and harmful to your skin and eyes so use with caution. Also, it leaves stains on the sink and tiles. So if you are using at home please take care while disposing of it.

Ferric Chloride ( POWDER ) for PCB Etching - Good Quality ferrous chloride 50gm

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