Package includes: 1 piece DS 18B20 Programmable Resolution 1-Wire Digital Thermometer


Features Specifications

 IC Output Type: Digital

 Sensing Accuracy Range:  ± 0.5°C

 Temperature Sensing Range: -55°C to +125°C

 Supply Current: 1mA

 Output Current: 4mA

 Supply Voltage : 3-5.5V

 No. of Pins: 3

 Base Number: 18

 Device Marking: DS18B20+

 Logic Function Number: 18B20

 Package / Case: TO-92

 Resolution: 12bit

 Termination Type: Through Hole


With an accuracy of ±0.5°C over the range of -10°C to +85° and multiple data logging of temperature spread in wide area network, connected in single data bus, DS18B20 comes handy as it has been assigned unique 64-Bit Serial Number, thus a single microcontroller can receive data from many DS18B20s distributed over a large area. 

DS18B20is 1-wire digital temperature sensor from Maxim IC suitable with 9 to12 bit precision over the range of operation (-55°C to 125°C).


Bullet points:

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Measures temperature from -55 degree C to 125 Degree C.

Sensing Accuracy Range:  ± 0.5°C

IC Output Type: Digital

Supply Voltage : 3-5.5V

DS18B20 Programmable Resolution 1-Wire Digital Thermometer IC DS18 B20

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