Package includes:

1 piece x DC Motor Clamp - L clamp ( Bracket ) for Mounting DC Motors

A DC motor clamp or a bracket is used to mount the motor tightly on any solid surface. This kind of L clamp is widely using for DC Gear motor. With the help of this clamp, we can connect dc motor everywhere as well as with any angle.Thus it increases the usability of the motor & makes motor mounting very convenient. This clamp or mount bracket is designed for DC Geared Motors. 

DC Motor Clamps are used in Robotic Application for mounting High torque DC Geared Motors.


Features and Specifications:

Good Quality mounting brackets.

Possess good stability and durability.

Material:MS ( Mild Steel )

Thickness: 2mm


Motor mounting side:

Height: 40 mm

Width: 40 mm

Bracket mounting side:

Length: 40 mm

Width: 24 mm

Motor Mounting Hole: 13.5 mm

Bracket Mounting Hole: 3 mm

Holes For Chassis Mounting (bracket):6 holes each of 3mm Diameter

Shape: L shaped

Weight: ~ 25 gm (each)

DC Motor Clamp - Centre Shaft L clamp ( Bracket ) for Mounting DC Motors

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