Package Includes: 1 Piece x 20 Amp Hall Current Sensor Module ACS71


This current sensor board is based upon ACS712 Hall effect-based linear current sensors from DPV TECHNOLOGY. It gives an analog output in accordance with the current passing through the ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ pins on the board. 

The 20A range Current Sensor Module ACS712ELC consists of a precise, low-offset, linear Hall circuit with a copper conduction path located near the surface of the die. Applied current flowing through this copper conduction path generates a magnetic field in which the Hall IC converts into a proportional voltage.



The low-noise analog signal path

5 µs output rise time in response to step input current

Compatible with Arduino and other microcontrollers.



Onboard Chip:ACS712ELC-30A

Supply Voltage:4.5V~5.5V DC

Measuring current:20 A corresponding to the analog output of 185 mV / A;


Output type: Analog



Over-current protection circuits

switching mode power supplies (SMPS)

Battery chargers

Digital wattmeters

Programmable current sources

Other Electronics Projects related to current sensing and measurement.

Current Sensor Module 20A ( Ampere ) Range ACS712

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