Package Included:

1) 1 piece ADXL345 Module

2) 8 piece male header pin



ADXL345 digital three-axis acceleration of gravity tilt module arduino code iic / spi.

Ideal for noisy power environment

Chip: ADXL345.

Power supply :3-5v.

Communication: The iic / spi communication protocol.

Range: ± 2g ± 16g.

3-axis, ± 2g / ± 4g / ± 8g / ± 16g.

The ADXL345 features 4 sensitivity ranges from +/- 2G to +/- 16G.

And it supports output data rates ranging from 10Hz to 3200Hz such as the Arduino.


Bullet points:

Used with Arduino and other microcontrollers.

Power supply: 3-5v. 

Range: ± 2g ± 16g.

3-axis, ± 2g / ± 4g / ± 8g / ± 16g.

ADXL345 3-Axis GY 291 Tilt Digital Gravity Acceleration Sensor Module ADXL 345

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