Package includes: 1 piece 9-0-9V 500 mA Transformer


9-0-9V 500 mA Transformer

Input voltage : 240V

Output voltage: 18V/9V. Output is 9V if it is taken across any one of the end terminals and the center terminal. Output is 18V if it is taken across the end terminals.

Output max current: 500mA(0.5A)

The transformer is a static electrical device that transfers energy by inductive coupling between its winding circuits. A varying current in the primary winding creates a varying magnetic flux in the transformer's core and thus a varying magnetic flux through the secondary winding. This varying magnetic flux induces a varying electromotive force (E.M.F) or voltage in the secondary winding. The transformer has cores made of high permeability silicon steel. The steel has a permeability many times that of free space and the core thus serves to greatly reduce the magnetizing current and confine the flux to a path which closely couples the windings.


Bullet points:


Input:  AC - 220~240V

Output max current: 750mA

Copper winding with CRNGO Core

Soft Iron Core.

9 0 9V 500mA Step Down centre tap Transformer 9-0-9 (230V to 9V)

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