74LS47 - BCD to 7-segment Decoder/Driver



  • Accepts Four Line of BCD Input and Converts this to Seven Open Collector Outputs
  • Open Collector Outputs require Pull-Up Resistors
  • Lamp Test Input
  • Operating Temperature up to 70oC
  • Standard TTL Switching Voltages

General Description

The 74LS47 accepts four lines of BCD input data, generates their complements internally and decodes the data with secen AND/OR gates having open-collector outputs to drive indicator segments directly. Each segment output is guaranteed to sink 24mA in ON (low) state and withstand 15V in the OFF (high) state with a maximum leakage curent of 250uA. Auxiliary inputs provided blanking, lamp test and cascadable zero-suppression functions.


*Image shown is a representation only.




74LS47 - BCD to 7-Segment Decoder/Driver

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