74HC157 is a 16 Pin Quad 2-Input Multiplexer IC having 2V to 6V Operating Voltage range with 1uA Low Input current and high noise immunity. It selects 4 bits of data from two sources under the control of a common data select input (S). The enable input (E) is active LOW. When E is HIGH, all of the outputs (1Y to 4Y) are forced LOW regardless of ofall other input conditions.



  • Package Type:            DIP
  • Voltage Rating:           2 to 6V
  • Current Rating:           1µA low input current
  • Temperature Rating:    -55 to 125 Deg C
  • Number of Pins:          16
  • Noise Immunity:   NIL = 30%, NIH = 30% of VCC at VCC = 5V

74HC157-IC-Quad-2-Input-Multiplexer-(IC 74157)

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