4N35 Optocoupler


Features of 4N35 Optocouple

  • Gallium-Arsenide-Diode Infrared Source Optically Coupled to a Silicon npn Photo-transistor

  • High Direct-Current Transfer Ratio

  • High-Voltage Electrical Isolation 1.5-kV, 2.5-kV, or 3.55-kV Rating

  • High-Speed Switching tr = 7 µs, tf = 7 µs Typical

  • Input-to-output peak voltage (8-ms half sine wave)4N35= 3.55 kV

  • Input-to-output root-mean-square voltage (8-ms half sine wave)4N35= 2.5 kV

  • Collector-base voltage=70 V

  • Collector-emitter voltage=30 V

  • Emitter-base voltage=7 V

  • Input-diode reverse voltage=6 V

  • Input-diode forward current: Continuous 60 mA

  • Typical Applications Include Remote Terminal Isolation, SCR and Triac Triggers, Mechanical Relays and Pulse Transformers


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4N35 IC - Optocoupler Phototransistor IC

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