Package Includes: 1 piece x Seven Segment Display Module Board - Multiplexed - 4 Digit


Four Digit ( 4-digit) 7-Segment Display contains four 7-segment LED numeric displays. This module is a very simple to interface with any microcontroller development board.


Features and Specifications:

Contains four 7-segment LED numeric displays

Easy to interface.

Operating voltage-3v to 5v.

No of Pins: 

Seven segment selector pins 0,1,2,3 to select which oone we want to display

Seven segment display pins A,B,C,D,E,F,G, DEC, GND

Four mounting holes 3.3 mm (0,13")

Color : Color of the board may vary depending on the stock available



The applications of seven segments are mostly in digital calculators, electronic meters, digital clocks, odometers, digital clocks, clock radios, etc.

It can be usede with any electronics projects to Display data.

GSM based digital notice board..

Password based door lock system.

RF based employee counter.

DIY projects with 4 digit numeric display.

4 Digit Seven Segment Display Module Board Common Cathode

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