Package Includes: 1 Piece x 3362P103 Trimmer Variable Resistor


This adjustable or Variable resistor are PCB mountable and has 3 terminals. The voltagle between the terminal varies as the Trim Potentiometer is rotated. The variable resistors are used for variating voltage as per the need in a circuit. The outer two pins are connected to Vcc and 0V, and center pin outputs a variable voltage between 0V and Vcc as the potentiometer is rotated.



Resistance:10 kΩ




Potentiometer standard:1/4"

Mechanical rotation angle:270°

Operating temperature:-55...125°C


Terminal pitch:2.54x5.08mm

Track material:cermet

Electrical rotation angle:240°

Temperature coefficient:100ppm/°C

Direction of rotation:clockwise

Type of potentiometer:mounting

Kind of potentiometer:single turn, horizontal


Bullet points:

1 Piece x 3362 P103 Trimmer Variable Resistor

Resistance:10 k ohm


Direction of rotation:clockwise

Operating temperature:-55...125°C

3362P 103 Trimmer Variable Resistor Potentiometer 10K

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