Package Includes : 1 pc x 2N2222 Transistor - Plastic Package 



Model: 2N2222 


Type: NPN 

Current Rating: 0.8A 

Voltage Rating: 40V 

Package: TO-92 6 

Size: 1.8*0.4cm Package included: 1x Transistor



The transistors are specially designed for high-speed switching applications and feature useful current gain over a wide range of collector current low leakage currents and low saturation voltages.The 2N2222 transistors are silicone planar epitaxial NPN type transistors.


Bullet points:

5 pc x 2N 2222 Transistor - Plastic Package 

Type: NPN 

Current Rating: 0.8A 

high-speed switching

2N2222 Transistor high-speed switching - Plastic Package

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