Package includes: 

1 piece x 5 Volt Unipolar Stepper motor

1 piece x ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Board

High quality stepper motor with step angle of 5.625° mainly used in Air Conditioner Louver, Small Cooling/Heating Fan etc.


Bullet Points:

1 piece x 5V Unipolar Stepper motor with ULN2003 Board

Voltage: DC 5V 

Step Angle: 5.625 x 1/64

Stride Angle : 5.625° /64

Reduction Ratio: 1/64

Number of Phase : 4


Specifications for Stepper Motor:

High quality stepper motor

Voltage: DC 5V

Diameter: 25mm

Step Angle: 5.625 x 1/64

Reduction Ratio: 1/64

Rated voltage : 5VDC

Number of Phase : 4

Speed Variation Ratio : 1/64

Stride Angle : 5.625° /64

Frequency : 100Hz

DC resistance : 50O±7%(25?)

Idle In-traction Frequency : > 600Hz

Idle Out-traction Frequency : > 1000Hz

In-traction Torque  >34.3mN.m(120Hz)

Self-positioning Torque >34.3mN.m

Friction torque : 600-1200

Pull in torque : 300

Insulated resistance >10MO(500V)

Insulated electricity power :600VAC/1mA/1s

Insulation grade :A

Rise in Temperature  <40K(120Hz

Noise  <35dB(120Hz,No load,10cm)

Model : 28BYJ-48


Features of ULN2003 BASED Stepper motor driver board:

ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Board is small size and easy to use

It uses the ULN2003 driver chip to amplify the control signal from the Arduino and other MCU.

Commonly used to run and control the small applications stepper motors.

It uses the ULN2003 DARLINGTON ARRAYS to drive the 4-phase 5-wire stepper motor ( 5v to 12v ).

Compatible with  Arduino or other development platform to drive the stepper motor.


More Features:

4-way signal indicator

Chip all the pins have Input leads Mounted for easy connection to use

XH-5P socket can be connected directly 28BYJ-48 Model stepper motor

A. B. C. D LED indicating the four phase stepper motor working condition.

White jack is the four phase stepper motor standard jack.

Power pins are separated


Other Specifications:

Dimensions: 32 x 18 x 11mm (LxWxH)



How to Control Stepper:-


The step motor is to a machine to convert pulse to angular displacement. So if you give stepper driver a certain pulse signal, it will drive step motor to a certain angle. you can control the angle the stepper moved by the number of the pulse. And you also can control the speed of the stepper rotate by the frequency of the pulse.



IN1-4 to the Microcontroller Pins

The pins in the white jack (from left to the right) are: VCC, A, B, C, D (to the stepper motor)

Power pins are on the right, use jumper to choose either 5V or 12V.

28BYJ-48 Stepper motor 5V With ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Board

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