Package Includes:  1 piece x Electrolytic Capacitor 220uF/50V


Bullet points:

1 piece x Electrolytic Capacitor 220uF/50V

Capacitance: 220uF, 50v

Standard General Purpose Electrolytic Capacitor

Maximum Temperature: 105°C

Other Description:


Capacitance: 220uF

Voltage-Rated: 50V

Tolerance: ±20%


Features: Standard General Purpose

Maximum Temperature: 105°C

Typical applications of aluminum electrolytic capacitors with non-solid electrolyte are:

Input and output decoupling capacitors for smoothing and filtering in AC power supplies and switched-mode power supplies, as well as in DC/DC-converters

DC-link capacitors in AC/AC converters for variable-frequency drive and frequency changers as well as in uninterruptible power supplies

Correction capacitors for power factor correction

Energy storage for airbags, photoflash devices, civil detonators

Motor start capacitors for AC motors

Bipolar capacitors for audio signal coupling

Flash capacitor for camera flashes

220uF 50V Capacitor- Radial Aluminium Electrolytic capacitor

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