Package Includes 1 piece of DC Geared Motor 100 RPM.


12V DC GEARED MOTOR Product overview


Speed:100 RPM.

The motor contains Gearbox.

The diameter of the shaft 6mm with an internal hole.

The shape of Shaft Type: Round type

Weight of the Motor = 125gm.

tall Torque = 1.5kgcm torque.

No-load current = 60mA(Max).

Load current = 300 mA(Max).


Bullet points:

1 PIECE OF DC 12V 100RPM Motor with Gearbox.

6mm shaft diameter with an internal hole.Stall Torque = 1.5kgcm torque.

No-load current = 60 mA (Max).

Load current = 100 mA (Max).

Weight = 125gm.

100RPM 12V Dc Gear Motor ( Geared Motor ) - 100RPM - 12 Volt

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