• Thermistor NTC Thermistor 10K Ohm

Package included:1 piece 10k ohm ntc thermistor

Features & Specifications

Resistance: 10K ohm

Thermistor Tolerance: -1% to +1%

Thermistor Case Style: Radial Leaded

No. of Pins: 2

Thermistor Type: NTC

Temperature coefficient:  -25 celcius~90 celcius

It can be applied to air conditioner device,heating device,clinical thermometer, auto - electron ,electronic calendar and so on.

Thermistors are resistors that change of resistance with a change in temperature. Good qualities of thermistors are a predictable, accurately known resistance value at every temperature in its operating range. The lowering, or rise, depends on the type of thermistor per degree Kelvin (or Celcius, if you prefer), this is called its coefficient. Positive thermal coefficient (PTC) will increase in resistance with an increase in temperature, negative ones (NTC) will decrease. But the formula in practice is not linear, so sometimes an accurate table of measurements is better than the linear formula. These measurements can usually be found in the datasheet that accompanies the thermistor.

Bullet points:

Thermistor Resistance 10K ohm

Temperature coefficient:  -25 celcius~90 celcius

Thermistor Type NTC Thermistor

Used in Temperature measurement,school-college projects like fire alarm air conditioner device,heating device,clinical thermometer so on.

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Thermistor NTC Thermistor 10K Ohm

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